Intelligent Medical Image Processing Solutions for Radiation Therapy
Functional modules include accurate and high speed multi-modality image auto-segmentation(OAR/GTV/CTV), multi-modality image registration, dose accumulation and radiomics analysis. Positioned as a professional image workstation, AccuContour has many essential supplemental functions to assist radiation treatment planning. With advanced algorithms and automation settings, AccuContour spares professionals from long hours on the computer.
100 +
AccuContour™ auto-segmentation module can delineate 100+ organs at risk and tumor targets on multi-modality images. Contouring workload is reduced from hours to within a minute. Contouring accuracy measured by DICE is in the range of 0.85-0.98. Contouring quality can be automatically evaluated using image features. Delineation models can be imported from Manteia model training software and adopted for customization.
Multi-modality image registration and fusion
AccuContour combines deep learning algorithms and traditional algorithms to develop cutting-edge registration techniques. With GPU accelerated computation, multi-modality images can be registered and fused in a few seconds via rigid, deformed, POI/ROI or regional registration.
Dose accumulation
AccuContour supports dose accumulation using clinically verifed radiobiology models under various situations:
1) External beam therapy and brachytherapy;
2) Multi-course radiotherapy;
3) Multi-fraction adaptive radiotherapy.
Radiomics and
Image analysis tools
AccuContour provides abundant image analysis and radiomics tools. 1500+ features can be calculated on ROIs. There are also tools to measure distance between points and areas, DICE comparison between two sets of contours, etc.
DICE measured in the range of 0.85-0.99, with help of cutting-edge deep learning algorithms combined with advanced traditional algorithms.
auto-delineation of OARs takes less than a minute, and deformable registration takes a few seconds.
100+ OARs and targets delineation from RTOG guideline.
Customized delineation models based on individual clinic preferences.
Unattended workstation configuration for automatic job processing and contouring quality QA.
Seamless connection with major PACS, EMR, OIS, TPS products in the market; supports script language for third party plug-in functions